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Calorie is a common unit of food energy. One reason cause obesity is eating food with lots of calorie. So better know your food calorie. To be healthy.

Calculate recommended daily intake through your gender, age and weight. So if you know food calorie, you can control daily energy intake.

Use Calorie app browse and search foods or exercises. Log your energy intake or energy burn. Compare your daily intake with recommended daily intake.


Search foods or exercises through name with network. Our foods library will be better and better.


Browse foods or exercises through categories with network. Our foods library will increase.


Browse foods through brands with network. Our foods with brands will increase.


Add log base on online datas. If you can`t find your foods or exercises. Send an email to feedback


Setup gender, weight and age. Calorie app can calculate recommended daily intake automatically.

Daily Intake

Logs show your daily calorie intake and calorie burn. Summary everyday calorie net automatically.


Food detail show much more nutrtions than calorie. Such as protein, carbohydrate, fat and sodium.


Calorie also have an iPhone and iPad app. It will be conveniently used on both devices.

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